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Rate Management

It can be quite time consuming to create and manage your rate sheets for each and every customer and besides that it is a reoccurring exercise. We have found a perfect solution for you. You can import, optimize, share, create and protect your rates in a easy to use manner. Furthermore, we believe this service should be available for ever...

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Once started using aircargobook you can't image working without it.


We believe that the traditional way of requesting ad-hoc quotes is NOT the future. It is very time consuming. Data entry based on e-mail is quit wordy and makes tender selection obscure. Not having a compact overview of received quotes from the carriers often results in losing the best shipment offer suitable for you. Limits set by the tr...

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Your IT department will love it. No installation or manual updates needed - try it out today!
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Live PODs

How would you feel to be always on top of your shipment’s status, anytime, anywhere? We from aircargobook offer you just that. With our state of the art Live-POD, you can very easily track and trace all of your shipments, receive a proof of delivery and reports about possible irregularities in real-time which are ins...

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