Live PODs

How would you feel to be always on top of your shipment’s status, anytime, anywhere? We from aircargobook offer you just that. With our state of the art Live-POD, you can very easily track and trace all of your shipments, receive a proof of delivery and reports about possible irregularities in real-time which are instantaneously uploaded into your shipment file. This shareable, easy to use track and trace solution enables you to send your invoices quicker, inform your customers proactively about the status of shipments and allows all involved parties to access the same information in real-time. In addition, you get a live overview on the whereabouts of your fleet for free!

App technology for status updates

Through the aircargobook app (iOS & Android) drivers will not only be able to receive all their (un)loading instructions on shipment level live and simultaneously but they will also receive shipment details, route navigation and in the near future e-freight documents. The driver can show his exact location to all relevant parties by sharing his location with the click of one button. The app also provides you with a live Proof of Delivery (POD) as soon as the transport is finished.

Once started using aircargobook you can't image working without it.

Live status update

You can request direct position information by pressing the status update button that will give you the exact position of the truck/driver. This is achieved without contacting the driver or planning department. Auto refresh option will enable you to choose the time frame in which you want to be updated about the delivery status of your shipment or the location of the truck.

Once started using aircargobook you can't image working without it. register now

View, store and forward your POD

All (un)loading times and driving times will be registered live which can be viewed by all relevant parties. PODs and all relevant data will be stored within shipment file that can be shared and reviewed at any time. Besides that, you can share this unique Live-POD directly with your customer(s) for quicker invoicing.