NLS EURO Luftfracht Service GmbH

Cargo City Süd, Geb. 532, Ebene 5

60549 Frankfurt


+49 69 6959740

+49 69 695974111

Frankfurt am Main

brief description

We would like to give you some information about NLS Euro Luftfracht Service GmbH: NLS-Euro Luftfracht Service GmbH is one of the German market leaders in the area of Air Cargo Trucking and Road Feeder Services. For our Air Cargo Customers we provide a value added service for their Airfreight Business, for Inbound Cargo as well as for Outbound Cargo across our European network. The level of service required for loose- (LTL) and full truck loads (FTL) including ex work services and other connected services can be provided due the high frequency of services offered between the most important Airports across Germany and Europe. NLS operates a modern fleet of company-owned vehicles; all of them operating with mega trailers (Q7 pallets), roller bed system, cooler / chilled trailer are as well in our fleet. The group own vehicles are equipped with board computers, satellite (GPS) and cell phone communication equipment, thus enables the truck dispatch and planning department a remote and real-time track and trace and shipment movement flow across Europe. The fleet is managed by the NLS truck planning and dispatch department on 24/7 shift schedule. The scope of this proposal is solely based on the information received from. We are also able to provide a special person which is exclusively responsible for the trucking coordination and several other topics concerning trucking. NLS is certified according to the DIN ISO 9001 as a Transport Company Presently we own 83 Trucks including Coolers. All Truck’s are equipped with Roller bed System, Air Suspension, different Canvas (Crane loading), Dangerous Goods equipment according to GGVS/ADR, GPS and Mobile phones. Our Canvas / Curtain Trucks are specially designed also for the transportation of Aircraft engines as well as larger Aircraft parts. Also in connection with our Sub contractors we are able to operate with more than 150 Trucks. We are authorized to operate also on Sundays as well as on public holidays in case of Airfreight transportation overall in Germany. Permanent permits for oversize transportation up to 3m are on hand for Benelux, France and GB. WHAT WE PROVIDE: - Road Feeder Service to and from all German and European Airport’s - Line Traffic - Transportation all over Europe - Cool Transportation - Aircraft Engine Transportation - Direct Delivery Service - In-house employee - Returning of empty ULD’s


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