ACS - Aviation Consultants & Services Deutschland GmbH

Stockhausenstraße 14

64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf


+49 69 69869260

+49 69 698692629

brief description

ACS, Aviation Consultants & Services GmbH in Germany was established in 2010 by ACS, Aviation Consultants & Services S.A in Luxembourg. Head Office : Frankfurt Airport The company represents in Germany several airlines which had been represented by the group elsewhere. Management and staff of ACS , Aviation Consultants & Services GmbH are a dedicated team of highly qualified Cargo Experts . Our strategy is for steady growth on solid foundations with reasonable earnings for a job well done. Transparent financial procedures towards all our accounts Emphasis on correct and transparent accounting transactions in accordance with agreements and instructions. Dedicated telephone lines Dedicated reservations staff Cargo Spot web based reservations system Written booking confirmation to customers Written confirmation of departure to customers 365 days 24/7 availability of staff Coordination of trucking network Optimize flight payloads based on CARGO – fuel ratio Maximizing space for all given flights & trucks Yield management


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