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1118 Schiphol


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J-AIR B.V. is an independent cargo General Sales Agent (GSA). Our head office is established and based at Schiphol Airport, which provides us the right preconditions for further growth. OUR VISION We invest in personal contacts with our customers. In a very short time we created a successful company with beneficial business partnerships. We believe in a long-term business relationship and will do anything possible to achieve such a relationship with you. How? By making a difference in the common air cargo market. WHY CHOOSE J-AIR? J-AIR provides a customized approach to the special business needs of our customers. Our people are open-minded and they work with passion around the clock to serve your company. Your business is our care. OUR AMBITION J-AIR's ambition is to represent leading airlines worldwide for all sales and services activities. When you choose J-AIR as your GSA, you can rely on: Effective & proactive representation on your behalf Full range of services at your disposal Know-how and valuable contacts Our personal involvement With OUR experience YOU can make a difference in the air cargo market. We'll do anything to fill your airspace so you can be one step ahead of your competitors: * Lower your costs on services * Raise your core business results * Achieve and maintain satisfied customers OUR SERVICE FOR FREIGHT FORWARDERS AND THEIR CUSTOMERS In the air cargo business there is always the pressure of speed. Tomorrow? No, today! We will do anything to help out and we make sure your shipment arrives within the agreed time frame. To be successful in the freight forwarding business we provide you: * Cargo Aircraft Charter Services * Excellent service * Speed * Reliability * Competitive rates Chart GSA FOR As specialists in cargo logistics, we provide comprehensive GSA service for some of the leading airlines around the globe. One of them is JAL Cargo, part of the Japan Airlines Group. This overall air transport enterprise will act as a bridge to bring people, their cultures and their hearts closer together and thus contribute to world peace and prosperity. Should you be interested in learning more about our customers, please feel free to contact us. Bringing people, their cultures and their hearts closer together


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