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Air China Cargo, shortened form for Air China Cargo Company Limited, is the only cargo company that can carry national flags with the headquarter in Beijing and major cargo operation base in Shanghai. Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. was founded in December 12, 2003. In March 18, 2011, Air China Limited (Air China), together with Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (Cathay Pacific), have established a joint venture on the basis of Air China Cargo. The English name and Logo of the joint venture remained the same as Air China Cargo, with RMB 3.235 billion of registered capital and about 4000 employees. Up to March 2013, the Air China Cargo (ACC) has 8 Boeing 747-400 air freighters, and at the same time has ordered another 8 B777F air freighters from the Boeing Co. This batch of new cargo aircrafts will be delivered to the ACC to put into service from December 2013 to the middle of 2015. Besides, the ACC is also the exclusive agency for all airliner bellies of the Air China (CA). Up to March 2013, Air China Cargo, based on Beijing and Shanghai hubs, had put into operation international, regional and domestic cargo flights departing from Shanghai successively to European cities--Frankfurt, Amsterdam,Copenhagen,Zaragoza,American cities--New York,Chicago,Los Angeles,Dallas,Japanese cities--Tokyo,Osaka, and other cities such as Taibei, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Chongqin, Tianjin, zhengzhou and so on. Meanwhile, with the support of Air China's global air route network, Air Cargo China owns as many as 284 air transportation routes and 145 navigation points all over the globe. In addition, it also owns 664 international and 114 domestic ground truck routes in Europe, America, Japan, Asia-Pacific region, and the globe as a whole, to complement the networks of freighter and passenger aircraft belly, hence its capability to ensure fast delivery of goods to all over the world. Based on the support of AVIC, the logistics resources of Air China and the close cooperation with important global air cargo stations, Air China Cargo has established global station security system including Shanghai, Beijing, Frankfurt, Los Angles, New York, Osaka and Taipei to provide high quality services for customers. After constant improvement, Air China Cargo has gradually classified 26 products into five categories as standard, express, mails, exclusive and customization. As an air transportation company with fifty years history, Air China Cargo has participated in establishing many air cargo transportation standards for Air China and has developed a professional staff team with rich experience and deep devotion to provide professional and reliable transportation plans for all kinds of special goods. Air China Cargo persistently honors its commitments to the society and bravely shoulders more community responsibilities at critical moments. It has successfully performed urgent chartered flights tasks for reliefs in disasters such as WenChuan Earthquake, Pakistan Earthquake, Indian Ocean Tsunami, H1N1 flu of Mexico, Earthquakes in Chile and Japan. Meanwhile, it takes safe fly, high-quality fly and low-carbon fly as its philosophy to protect the environment and focus on future. With the mission “To Create Value For The Customers, To Create Opportunities For Staff, To Create Profits For Shareholders, To Create Wealth For The Society” and the perspective “the first choice for customers in and out of China” Air China Cargo tries to be a China-based air transportation company with international competition.


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