Flyus B.v.

Anchoragelaan 38

1118 LD Schiphol


+31 20 316 2666

+31 20 316 2667

brief description

Fly Us BV was founded in 2004 by experienced former airline cargo executives, who identified the need for high-calibre cargo management services, designed for those airlines who prefer to outsource their cargo functions. We have offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest, London and cover a wide area of Europe. We have also offices in Central America; San Jose, Panama City, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, Managua, Belize City. We believe neutrality is vital in airline representation: so our company is privately-owned, with no financial or commercial link to any forwarding group. That means your customers will never see your GSSA as a threat. As no airline is the same, we provide a tailor-made service that matches each client carrier’s specific needs and expectations. We provide a friendly and efficient interface with your forwarder market, designed to enhance your reputation and generate customer loyalty.


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