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MNG Airlines - airline from Istanbul

MNG Airlines

WOW Convention Center IDTM
34149 Istanbul
+90 212 465 4571
+90 212 465 4573

brief description

NG Airlines founded in February 1996, has started its operations with shipping flights to Hahn (Germany) and Stansted (England) with medium range Airbus A300 on November 1997. Today, MNG Airlines continue operations with its fleet of 7 Airbus A300 B4-200F, 2 Airbus A300-600 C4, 1 Boeing 737-4K5, 1 Challenger CL-601 airplanes. Along with its fleet expanded in years, MNG Airlines have built a respectable and leading position in its region. Holding a big portion of the cargo capacity in Turkey, MNG Airlines continues to grow by providing planes and capacity to its customers together with charter flights and scheduled flights. In 2000, MNG Airlines have become an operator that provides fully equipped Imports Warehouse Services within EU standards, 12km away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. MNG Warehouse is positioned in a place affiliated to Istanbul Airport customs that has a capacity of 10.000m2, 60.000m3 capacity and 7.000 Euro-pallets. The warehouse that is subject to customs, carry out registry, stowage, shipping and delivery operations with computers based on barcode system.


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