Alpi Netherlands BV

Symon Spiersweg 13

1506 RZ Zaandam


+31 75 750 2600

+31 75 750 2435

brief description

ALPI Netherlands B.V. is part of Albini & Pitigliani, a logistic company with the head office in Prato (Tuscany), Italy. Albini & Pitigliani is a family company and over 60 years well known in Italy and abroad. Our group offers a worldwide network of own offices and affiliated agents, located on all continents, in all major cities and close to the main ocean- and airports. ALPI Netherlands B.V. in Zaandam believes in practical solutions, based on the requirements of the client! Flexibility, direct communication lines and thinking about solutions together with the client are main goals for us. We are located in the direct area of Amsterdam close by the major highways. The port of Amsterdam as well as the national airport Schiphol are within the immediate area, whilst there is very good connection to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Whether you want to transport 1 kos or 200.000 kos, import or export, within Europe or all over the world, you want to store your products in a bonded warehouse, need sorting, repacking or distribution in or outside the Netherlands...


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