Rutges Cargo Logistics & Warehousing B.V.

Prestwickweg 8

1118LB Schiphol


+31 20 658 0072

+31 20 654 0908

brief description

Rutges Cargo Logistics & Warehousing is an innovative and quality driven European truck operator with many valued customers in air-cargo, perishable, hi-tech and pharmaceutical sectors. Our approach to business is simple: to take our expertise and infrastructure to design transportation solutions tailored to the needs of you and your customers. Mission To deliver tailor made integrated logistics solutions for the international air cargo industry and to provide the highest standards of security and temperature controlled transportation. Services Air Cargo Transport. Get connected to our European network of over 100 airports in more than 30 countries. Controlled Transport. World’s leading healthcare companies entrust the delivery of their products to us. So can you. Security Transport. We can help you to eliminate any risk and take complete control of the supply chain. Sensitive Transport. Allow us to move your most valuable and sensitive products under meticulous conditions. Gateway Logistics. Collect, handle, store and manage freight. Or let us do it for you.


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