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Strike Aviation is located at the cargo centers Being right in the middle of the “action” is not only appreciated by our customers, but also by the airlines represented through us. Direct access to all cargo facilities and daily contact with the local cargo community is our basis for close business relations and smooth cargo handling. Strike Aviation offers customized GSSA packages Apart from our sales activities, we offer you a wide range of additional services (see attached “supplement services”). All or part of the services can be combined to ensure that you will receive a package, customized to your needs. Strike Aviation acts as your local cargo office The corporate identity of an airline plays an important role in the business relationship with all customers. The airline’s identity and reputation in the local cargo market is our first priority. Best results can be achieved by providing dedicated phone lines and by using the airline’s letter head and logo on tariffs, mailings, correspondence, etc. This way, the name and logo of the airline will be present to the local cargo community at all times. Strike Aviation is determined in all aspects of public relations This goes far beyond the common procedure of publishing rate sheets twice a year. Regular sales visits across the countries mixed with frequent marketing initiatives are part of our public relations activities. In addition we provide various advertisements and press releases published in all re-known airfreight magazines Strike Aviation keeps track of every single shipment It is our standard procedure to keep control on all shipments until they have arrived at their final destination. A written uplift confirmation is sent to the customer immediately after the departure information has been received and processed. Strike Aviation pays utmost at tention when it comes to the security aspects The guidelines of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), the TSA and Homeland security and the local Airport Authorities are strictly followed with no exceptions. Strike Aviation has no conflict of interest It is part of our philosophy not to represent airlines (GSSA) that are in direct competition to each other. Strike Aviation is a joint-stock company, specialized in the field of air transport business. Choose Strike Aviation as your Cargo GSSA Strike Aviation is ready, able and willing to represent the Airline to your full satisfaction. Airlines - GSSA - Forwarders Strike Aviation will at all times operate as a neutral and independent entity and will be under full control by its founders and shareholders. Strike Aviation employs highly experienced and qualified staff, recruited from the transport industry. The management is not only trained in all aspects of air freight, but also in the field of marketing and finance. Paired with their profesional, dynamic and flexible approach to business, it makes the whole operation of the company function in the most successful manner.


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