ALM International B.V.

Kruisweg 365A

1437CG Rozenburg-Schiphol


+31 20 653 8182

+31 20 653 4754

brief description

ALM International is a well-established cargo General Sales and Service Agency in Amsterdam and Miami. We provide a full range of services for any airline wishing to outsource part, or all, of its cargo activities in the Dutch market. As an independent company we are flexible and responsive. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service. And we never forget that your and our success depends entirely on our effectiveness.   Whether you appoint ALM International as your first GSSA in The Netherlands, as a complement to your existing sales operation or as a replacement for a previous GSSA, we are ready to take over your cargo activity at any time.   Where your network’s potential is restricted by capacity bottlenecks, we will be able to set up interline agreements, operate road feeders and even charter flights to increase first-sector capacity.


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