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SEKO - Air Freight Logistics - ROUTING SPECIALISTS Our value added services are managed by experienced Routing Specialists who will ask you when your shipment needs to arrive, and then tailor the air logistics service accordingly. If there’s flexibility in your delivery date, then our expertise in international markets can save you even more money. And if your air freight is on a tight deadline - we supplement our commercial lift with dedicated and part-charter flights that will offer you any aircraft, from nearly anywhere to nearly anywhere, carrying nearly anything! COMMUNICATION FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS The key to our success is proactive communication with a personal touch. Our specialists will walk you through the entire air logistics process, keeping you involved and informed. As a 100% customer centric organisation, only SEKO can give you this kind of superior service at such competitive rates. INTERNATIONAL AIR LOGISTICS SERVICES 1. Express (1 to 2 days) 2. Standard (3 to 5 days) 3. Economy (5 to 7 days) 4, Charter RELATIONSHIPS WITH SELECT PARTNERS At SEKO, we’ve concentrated on forming long-term relationships with selected worldwide airlines and cartage companies, and through these Select Partner alliances, we are able to negotiate the best pricing available for our air freight logistics services. In our most critical market areas we have ‘blocked space’ agreements in place that guarantee us capacity during both low and high seasons, with the flexibility to expand or contract these commitments based on customer need.. COMPLIANCE We work with you to maintain Global compliance for air exports and imports all around the world. In doing so, SEKO becomes more than just an air logistics service provider, but rather your true supply chain partner. We’ll continue to provide our customized support as you increase your number of sourcing countries, or as you expand your customer base around the globe. COMPLEX DOCUMENTATION MADE SIMPLE We’re committed to providing you with a flawless air freight service, and fewer headaches. That means handling specialized documentation for shipping to certain countries, such as those in the Middle East. We provide certificates of origin and registration, letters of credit and much more. We even do banking.


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