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Emons Cargo B.V. - trucker from Milsbeek

Emons Cargo B.V.

Rijksweg 4
6596 AB Milsbeek
0031 88 900 1991
0031 88 900 1999

brief description

Emons Cargo B.V. is part of the privately owned Emons Group B.V. which was founded over 70 years ago. The company owns all assets and contracts own drivers. All trucks are equipped with GPS. "2WIN" is the brand name under which they operate. "2WIN" stands for a unique double-deck road-transport service which allows shippers to load up to 64% extra pallets per FTL compared to standard trailers. 2x 2WIN-trailers replace 3x standard trailers. The maximum load-capacity per 2WIN-trailer is as follows: * 21,6 loading meters which equals * 54 pallets with footprint 0,80m x 1,20m or * 40 pallets with footprint 1,00m x 1,20m * 1,80m maximum pallet height * 21.000kg maximum payload All 2WIN-trailers are hard-cover box-trailers and equipped with a tail-lift and electric pallet trolley. Accreditations include: • ISO 9001:2008 • TAPA TSR Level 2 • SQAS 2WIN-service is available on a Pan-European scale.


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