INL Cargo BV

Robertus Nurksweg 15

2033AA Haarlem


+31 (0)23 303 1226

brief description

At INL Cargo we believe that professional road transportation is more than bringing shipments from A to B. Punctual and accurate delivery of your cargo is the foundation of our services. Comprehensive customer service finishes the job. The carrier controller you can depend on! That is exactly why we say: INL Cargo, We get it done. After its foundation in 2014, INL Cargo continued at 1st of January 2016 as a completely independent organization. Before 2016 the focus was to provide low cost transport to Iberia. We however realized that quality and customer satisfaction is an important part of our DNA. We changed our focus and under the leadership of Alexander Keur (Managing director) we achieved exponential growth during the last 2 years. Where we started with 3 employees with a focus on Iberia, nowadays we work with a team of 17 dedicated employees to serve our clients with transport to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France, South/West Germany. All for just one goal: to facilitate and satisfy our customers. We believe that we contribute to the success of our customers and we experience a benevolent conduct regarding their willingness to work with us. When we look ahead and based on our ambition, our goal is to make a difference in the logistic marketplace. We believe that our customer approach, flexibility and loyalty will generate more positive results. We always go the extra mile, as we are aware that when the business of our customers flourishes, INL Cargo will flourish. Our motto is : We get it done


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