Vivid Hair Lounge

1460 Brownsville Rd

19053 Feasterville Trevose, PA

United States

+1 215-942-6360

brief description

ABOUT US A modern, upscale salon with a punk rock twist. Specializing in extensions and ALL things color. Offering hair, skin, eyelash, waxing, and tanning services. Vivid Hair Lounge is a family owned business established in 2020. We put our heart and soul into perfecting our craft and are always trying to improve. || Hours of Operation: Monday 11:00-5:00 Tuesday 10:00-6:00 Wednesday- 10:00-9:00 Thursday 10:00-8:00 Friday- 10:00-6:00 Saturday- 9:00-3:00 Sunday- 9:00-3:00


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